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Sómi is a graceful saddle build with a slightly smaller twist because of which the rider can take a more narrow position.
The knee rolls are anatomically formed and are available in multiple sizes. Because of this the knee rolls can be ordered base on your personal preference. It is even possible to order Velcro knee rolls allowing you to change its position.
The Sómi is available with either a mono-flap or a traditional flap with both an upper and lower flap
 The flaps follow the shape of the knee rolls; because of which the flap is closer to the horse allowing for optimal contact with your horse.
On top of the sheep wool flocking, the Sómi is provided with a lining, allowing for optimal pressure distribution to the horse.
The panels are specially designed for optimal pressure distribution and freedom of movement.

  • You can choose your desired colours.
  • You can choose between mono or double flaps
  • The stirrup leathers can either be secured over or under the flaps.
  • Anatomic knee rolls.
  • Ergonomically placed stirrup bar.
  • The panels are flocked with first class sheep wool and are provided with a lining.
  • Also available as a junior edition.