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The Loki is especially designed to give the horse optimal freedom for shoulder movement and in the same time give the rider all the stability and good feel towards the horse to let the horse preform at its highest potential.

The panels are uniquely formed on the Loki to give an optimal weight distribution of the rider and to give the shoulder the maximal freedom.

The kneerolls are positioned on the best ergonomically place to give the rider support without forcing the rider. In combination with the positioning of the stirrup bars this help the rider to be in perfect balance.

Because of the high quality flocking the panels give the horse a lot of extra movement possibilities under the saddle.

  • You can choose your desired colours.
  • You can choose between mono or double flaps
  • The stirrup leathers can either be secured over or under the flaps.
  • Anatomic knee rolls.
  • Ergonomically placed stirrup bar.
  • The panels are flocked with first class sheep wool and are provided with a lining.