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The saddles of Ihesta Saddles are made using first class cowhide. The saddles from Ihesta Saddles are made in a small English saddlery. Because of this there is a lot of communication with the saddlers about the ordered saddles which allows us to consistently produce high quality saddles. The saddlers in question have over 30 years of experience creating high quality saddles. All saddles of Ihesta saddles are made according to SMS (the Society of Master Saddlers) standards.
Before any saddle leaves the saddler it is subjected to stringent quality control measures.
The panels used for the saddles are stuffed with first class sheep wool for optimal suspension and pressure distribution.
Ihesta saddles uses wood with an optimal balance between flexibility and stability.
Multiple chiropractors and osteopaths have assessed the construction of our saddles.
All saddles are available with a mono-flap or standard flaps.
The knee rolls can be specially made to fit you preference and it is even possible to order Velcro knee rolls.
We also offer special junior editions of all our available saddles, designed with help from junior riders.
These are specifically catered towards the needs of young riders, including shorter flaps, a smaller seating area and interchangeable knee rolls which allows the knee rolls to grow along with the rider.
Each saddle can be changed to fit your personal preference.
Each of our saddles comes with a luxury saddle cover.

We have all models of our saddles in stock and we will gladly visit to show you; and you than will be able to test our saddles.