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Dressage Saddles

Below you will find an overview of our Dressage saddles


The Swing is a dressage saddle with an open seat and a lot of support for the rider. The saddle helps the rider to sit in balance on the horse without thereby giving the rider the feeling that he / she is being forced.
The knee rolls of the Swing are anatomically shaped and available in both small and larger versions. The flaps are standard shaped in the shape of the knee rolls, making the flaps closer to the horse and gives the rider more feeling.


Since it is quite difficult to find a saddle that is completely focused on broader breeds of horses such as tinkers, haflingers, Schwarzwalder fuchs and all other broader breeds. We have developed a saddle especially for the somewhat wider horses.
Because of the special design, the saddle stays in place better and the pressure is nicely distributed.
This saddle is available with both a high Cantle and a low Cantle. And the Knee rolls can also be delivered in different sizes.